A Smart Trading Platform. For Smart Traders.

Whether you’re a beginner or professional trader, xTasy Trader lets you trade the global markets
smart and easy. 

Why you need xTasyTrader:

– Retrieve free EOD-Stock Data
– Scan many 1000s of symbols in real time
– Drag&Drop signal and strategy programming
– Integrated risk and money management
– Semi- and full automated trading
– C# – integration with Visual Studio
– All the features you need for your trading
– Trade Stocks, Options, Futures, FX, CFDs and ETFs
– Get it for free + get a feature bonus of 100$ on top

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Take your two minutes to watch the most powerful features in xTasyTrader:

Semi automated trading

Create your Signals and Strategies with a few mouse clicks.  

Start your risk managed Strategies with a click out of the scanner. 

Let the Platform manage your Strategies, 

while the Signal Scanner guides you to already find the best trades for the next Symbols in the markets.

In short: Semi-automation in its perfection

Find top signals with ease. Analyze like an institutional.

xTasyTrader is optimized to scan thousands of symbols in real time. Create your signals within minutes via drag&drop.

The scanners will inform you exactly in the moment when the signals occur.

No need to be permanently in front of the platform – the Notifier-App pushes them  to your mobile.

Trade like a professional - xT++ will guide you.

Save time and money by automating your scanning and trading workflows. 

Pack your drag and drop signals into a strategy with stop and target order,  which you can assemble with a few clicks.

The integrated Risk&Money management helps you to always be in line with your personal risk tolerance.  

Optimized Decision-Making

Trading low time frames requests fast decisions. But to enter a setup correctly always takes time.

xTasyTrader allows to start strategies just by one click out of the scanner. 

Never think about the correct order size anymore – the risk manager in xTasyTrader calculates it for you.

Trade in Multi-Asset Class and Multi-Broker conditions.

xTasyTrader lets you trade almost everything that ticks in the markets.

Take cost-advantage of specialized service-providers by connecting multiple brokerage accounts simultaneously and select where your trades should be sent to.

xTasyTrader supports plenty of them.


Martin Goersch

Portfolio Manager

“xTasy Trader is a weapon in the financial market. I know of no better trading platform.”



Ruediger Born

Asset Manager and Institutional Trader

“It’s not easy to find good trading software and brokers. Since the xTasyTrader software is able to adapt itself to your trading style, it gives you the greatest possible freedom.”