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Improved Dow Theory trend recognition

The Dow Theory Add-On to the trading software AgenaTrader has been further developed and refined for years. The result, besides improved trend recognition, is a state-of-the-art overall solution. With great attention to detail, our Dow Theory Add-On has been successfully improved in order to equip traders with the exact tools they need.

Dow Theory Standard Add-On

Dow Theory trend recognition

The P123 indicator has been refactored, making it even more accurate to find the 1-2-3 Pivots in the markets.

Recognition of inside bars

Perfect for the movement trade according to market technology.The inner rod indicator automatically recognizes the inner and outer rods exactly as described in the textbook.

Dow Theory reversal bars

Recognition for you; the reversal of the market. The reversal bar indicator recognizes for you fully automatically the possible reversal of the market according to Dow Theory.

Market phase scanner

Recognizes at what stage the market is at based on Dow Theory and in which direction the different market phases are moving.

Multi-timeframe boxes

Show you what the general market situation based on the Dow Theory is or how the superior time units behave.


Daylines Advanced

Identifies where the prominent high and low points are located.

Multi-timeframe observation

The VolumeRiseFall indicator is a normal volume display as volume bars, with, however, a different coloring than normal.

Dow Theory Professional Add-On

Are you inspired by our Dow Theory Add-On? The professional version will quite simply take your breath away. In the professional version you can find all content from the Dow Theory Add-On as well as further fantastic features of the extended Dow Theory package.

Dow Theory workspace

In cooperation with experts, we have developed a setting in which the focus is on action.

Dow Theory trend stop

With the stop principle of Markttechnik your stop is placed exactly where it belongs: at point 3.

Dow Theory moving stop

The optimal stop for the movement trade – it is dynamic and adjusts the internal bars according to the basic rules.

Advanced trend recognition

With the advanced trend recognition, you are immediately able to carry out numerous changes. Here, amongst other things, the subject of “fuzzy trading” can be adapted to your needs relatively easily.

Dynamic trend filter

In collaboration with professional Dow Theory traders, we have created a dynamic trend filter that helps you to find the right priority trends in order to carry out high-quality trading.

Dow Theory signals

A further highlight of the professional Add-Ons are the built-in signal scanners – these show you in real time where there is a current setup. Whether you trade this signal semi- or fully automated is up to you. You can find signals for trading trends, movement and breakouts.

Further Dow Theory Videos

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Break out Trading

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