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“xTasy Trader is a weapon in the financial market. I know of no better trading platform.”
Martin Goersch,  Portfolio Manager                                                                   Read More…

From a professional point of view, the xTasyTrader software is qualified by its opportunities to  operate extremely efficiently, with many ways to work through the markets quickly.
Ruediger Born,  Asset Manager and Institutional Trader                                   Read More…


As a professional CBOT-Pit trader of 25+ years my experience shows me, that it is not easy to find good trading software.
I highly recommend xTasyTrader to trader’s worldwide.

Saul Shaoul,  CBOT-Pit Veteran                                                                            Read More…

“xTasyTrader is full strategy implementation power.
Martin Rimes,  Professional Trader                                                                       Read More…


xTasyTrader gives you what most people yearn for – time.
It reduced my daily market preparation effort from 3 hours to 15 minutes. xTasyTrader allows to focus on what is really essential in trading – finding the best signals at the best time.
Markus Gabel,  Portfolio Manager                                                                         Read More…

All in all, xTasyTrader is precisely the solution that I need for my work as an exchange trader, no matter which timeframe I am active in. I use it daily with great enthusiasm.
Mike Seidl,  Professional Trader and Coach – Trading for a living                     Read More…

These are my reasons why I chose xTasy as my trading tool – I’m saving a lot of time – I can use it in an absolutely structured way – I manage to act very effectively and replicable – xTasyTrader actively helps to avoid mistakes Carsten Berger,  Professional Trader, Trader-Coach                                          Read More…

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