Joergs Story with xTasyTrader

With just one click I get my risk managed setup and all connected orders in the market. WOW..

By Joerg Schmittschneider
Meanwhile trading for a living

At some point I lost sight of the signals for all the charts in front of me. What could be my solution? I could concentrate on just a few markets? But then, on the other hand, I would be lacking a diversified approach, which is of course essential for a rewarding and risk-free accumulation of capital. Or do I fight my way through numerous charts daily in the search for my desired setup?

After many different charting and trading platforms from my brokers, I decided to venture into the experiment “xTasyTrader”. In retrospect, I cannot even call it an experiment, but an obligation. The obligation to handle my trading capital with care.

Thanks to xTasyTrader, today the Analyzer-Column shows me my desired signals. The endless searching in all the markets and rummaging in the charts for THE desired setup came to an abrupt end. I still carry out the simple selection of the best signals manually and following this, I then decide which trade I would like to trade hassle-free. The time saved is only a part of the improvement in my trading success.

My personal performance has taken a huge leap forwards since I started using xTasyTrader. My account and I are meanwhile huge fans.

Why xTasyTrader?

With just one click I have my setup and all connected orders in the market. WOW.

Since I trade in the short-term range and here, when it comes to entries at short notice in classic order templates, such a quick reaction to the markets is not possible, AT has been a real blessing for me.

And as fast as the setup is in the market, that is how fast I can delete the whole thing again. If my signal position changes, double click and all of the connected orders are deleted. With xTasyTrader, I can react to the market changes with completely pre-prepared setups (incl. stop and target, soft stop and multi-targets) within seconds.

The complete risk/money management is, in my opinion, the most important thing for anyone trading on the stock exchange. xTasyTrader combines all of the important components and arranges the order sizes for me according to my desired money management. UNBELIEVABLE.

Since everything doesn’t always go the way you plan it in life, this is sometimes also the case with software. The support and the personal care provided by the xTasyTrader team is fast, uncomplicated and exemplary.

My personal performance has taken a huge leap forwards since I started using xTasyTrader. My account and I are big fans.

Jörg Schmittschneider